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Cricket is a national sport that is popular amongst our culture. Whether you’re playing professionally for a club or just playing some backyard cricket at your annual family barbeque, it is a sport that brings our communities and families together. However, there are some common injuries such as strains, sprains, fractures or bruising that can occur to anyone, whether you’re a bowler, batsman or fielder. Like any sport, common cricket-associated injuries can occur due to impact, sudden movements or by overuse and overloading certain muscles or joints.

Depending on your role in the team, you may be more prone to certain injuries compared to other team members. For example, fast bowlers may be more susceptible to rotator cuff injuries and back strains compared to batsmen.

Below are common cricketing injuries and possible exercises than can help ease pain or be included in any rehabilitation plan created by your physiotherapist. It is important to note that this is a general guide only and you should always see a qualified physiotherapist for a tailored rehabilitation plan to suit your specific cricket injury and role in the team.

Hamstring Strain:

Lumbar Stress Fracture:

Side Strains:

Patellar Tendinopathy:

Knee Ligament Injuries:

Posterior Ankle Impingement:

Early intervention is key to preventing cricket injuries from becoming chronic with the main goal of rehabilitation to build back strength, flexibility and work towards reducing further risk of injury or re-injury. Most importantly, getting you back on the pitch, enjoying time with your friends and family.  

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