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Can Physiotherapy help my injury?

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Often physiotherapists deal with musculoskeletal injuries or pain. This means injuries or pain relating to the muscles, bones and ligaments of the body. Some examples of conditions in this field include:

What is Sciatica and how do we treat it?

Physiotherapy is able to assess for signs of sciatica through subjective examination of your symptoms and history of your condition, assessing your movement particularly that relating to the lumbar spine and putting the sciatic nerve under stress

Muscles strains and sprains. Why do they occur?

Muscles strains and sprains

Muscles strains and sprains. Why do they occur? A lot of our physical function whether that be engaging in sport, doing our daily activities or exercising regularly involve movement and subsequently require us to use our muscles to perform these activities. Often, if we push too hard while doing these things we can end up […]