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I am a busy person, how can I integrate my exercises into everyday life?

Seeking help from physiotherapy is the first step in your recovery from injury, pain or ailment. However, the other side of the coin is the rehabilitation and exercises involved in getting you better and closer to your goals.

With society being even more busy these days compared to previous years, it important to voice your concern or the time available outside physio to complete your routine rehab and exercises. One question I like to ask people is, ‘have you completed your exercises and how many times have you done it this week?’ The second question I ask them is, ‘Is it too much for you?’

As a physio, we understand that people can be busy working jobs or multiple jobs, caring for their families and relatives, while completing rehab and exercises to get their own injury better might not be at the top to their to-do list. The benefit is that we are human too and we can empathize with what you are going through. However, unless you inform us we might not be aware of the time limitations on completing your rehab and exercises.

Certain strategies we might employ to ensure you are able to complete your rehab could include prioritizing exercises that are most important at this stage in your recovery, as well as integrating exercises into your daily routine. This might mean completing your exercises first thing in the morning when you have more time, during your lunch break at work or at the end of the day. We might also be able to make your rehab exercises more concise and incorporate it as part of your daily exercise, yoga and gym program.

Physiotherapists are educated and skilled professionals in the realms of exercise and rehab and we are able to tweak and manipulate your rehab and exercise routine so that it works around you and for you. Speak to us today if you are having trouble fitting in your daily rehab exercises into your daily and weekly schedule. We are here to help!

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