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How does private health work and is yours running out?

This is a common question asked by a lot of clients!

If you have private health, your private health company may pay part of your consultation. The level of coverage will depend on what health field you are covered for (e.g. physio, dental, optometry etc.) and your level of cover (e.g. basic, moderate, top level or gold cover). People with top level cover will generally get more of their consultation covered, but this can vary from health fund to health fund.

Using health insurance is very easy as we can use your health insurance card to process your claim on the spot via the HICAPs terminal, while you just cover the gap! This makes it quick and easy so you don’t have to submit any receipts to your health fund to get reimbursed.

Private health can be valuable for people who use allied health services like physiotherapy, dental and optometry frequently. It is also beneficial as we get older since we use these services more as we age!

Private health is usually covered for the duration of a financial year (July 1st – June 30th) or calendar year (January-December), but does not carry-over to the subsequent year.

Many people are unsure of when their private health resets. It is advisable to check with your private health insurer when your private health resets so you can maximize use of your private health insurance.

If your private health is resetting this July or in December, please reach out to us in order to make the most of your private health insurance. You could benefit from getting a remedial massage, treatment on a niggling injury or even getting advice on a home or gym exercise program at little to no cost out of pocket. We are here to help!

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