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7 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer when Exercising

We know each of you love your exercise, so here are 7 tips to beat the heat while you’re keeping active during the warmer months:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Start by drinking 2 glasses of water before exercising

2. If you normally do some form of running, jogging or brisk walking outdoors, slow it down initially. As your body adapts to the heat, you can gradually increase the pace. Another alternative is to swap your outdoor activity for something indoors in a cooler environment that is air-conditioned. This might be swapping your outdoor run for an indoor gym session or work-out.

3. Avoid the hottest part of the day. Try to rise early to complete your work-out when it is cooler or do it later at night after sunset.

4. Wear light-coloured, lightweight clothing. Dark colours can absorb the heat and wearing lighter colours can reflect it. Heavy clothing that is tight can also heat you up quickly.

5. Be sunsmart! Make sure you apply sunscreen if you are exercising outdoors and don’t forget a hat!

6. Eat snacks to maintain energy! Make sure you have plenty of fruit before and after your work-out, which already is a source of water and hydration.

7. Know you limits! Remember to listen to your body, as often it will know what is best! Working out in the heat and pushing to your limits regularly could be a sum for danger. This is not a time to be superman!

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